An Egyptian River Cruise

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Africa and Egypt is definitely no exception.  Taking an Egyptian River Cruise will give you such a different experience than the typical cruises Americans take each year.  Make it your New Year’s resolution to try something new this year for vacation.

20151421 1633dec48c An Egyptian River Cruise

Land of buried treasure and ancient mystery, Egypt captures the human imagination more than any other location on the planet. To explore, only a magical mode of transport will do, which is why river cruises are so popular.

Combining classic hospitality with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet, such cruises hark back to a golden age when Egypt’s ancient treasures were first being uncovered. Here are the highlights of a Nile river cruise, which can all be visited on a two week trip.…

Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa

Uganda is a landlocked country found in East Africa. The country is bordered by Kenya to the east, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, South Sudan to the north , Rwanda to the southwest and Tanzania to the south.

Despite the fact that Uganda is a landlocked country, the country is blessed with diverse attractions which make a holiday in the country among the best safaris to ever take in Africa.

Uganda has a network of over 60 protected areas including ten national parks and its attractions include the beautiful scenery of the south western region, wildlife in her ten national parks and game reserve, birds of different types, cultural diversity among others.

There are several Safaris to Uganda’s and most trips focus on exploring the ten national parks within the country that have unique attractions. A visit to …

Cape of Good Hope Tour

As the tour bus trundled along the coast road towards the Cape of Good Hope, we were stopped in our tracks. Baboons in the middle of the road! What a sight – and we weren’t even on safari! Just the normal sorts of wildlife you might expect to encounter, apparently.  And then came the farm. Neatly laid out fields, with fences around them.

A series of rectangles side by side, with the livestock huddled together in the corner, grazing. We could have been in Wales! Except that the livestock weren’t sheep, they were ostriches! Just like you’d expect in Wales, too, some of the livestock were just grazing at the side of the road, in between the road and the ocean.…

Education Outlook in Africa

30mali-7aThe economic outlook for the African continent is promising. As the continent is now emerging from decades of economic woes and stagnation, Africa today houses seven of the then most rapidly growing economies in the world.

The continent has progressed socio-economically considerably, and now is home to a growing and vibrant middle class and technological advancement is growing at a rapid pace.

Africa also is the most youthful continent in the world, as currently almost half of the continent’s population is younger than 15 years of age.

The continent’s young people will be Africa’s future leaders. They are going to be the driving force to generate considerable and sustainable growth across Africa.

Public investments in training and education are key to build a skilled and well-educated workforce and to stimulate innovation. With that in mind, the Africa-America Institute (AAI) organizes …

Education in South Africa

South Africa’s Alternative Education

The Minister of Education in South Africa has openly admitted that the school system in South Africa is in a state of utter crisis. The country doesn’t provide an educational system of reasonable quality for all its citizens, and it comes as a surprise that several new initiatives are showing up, such as recently the GED test opt-in.

There are more and more parents who choose to homeschool and use free online resources such as or to prepare their kids for the GED test. The GED test is a series of five sub-tests on the subject fields of writing, reading, science, social studies, and math.


Upon successful completion of the tests, students will receive the GED diploma, which is considered the equivalent to a regular US High School Diploma.…

Eco-Tourism At Bulungula Lodge, South Africa

headerimage2Dave Martin was just a hippie with big dreams before he founded Africa’s first eco-friendly lodge in the middle of the Transkei, South Africa’s most underdeveloped and ruggedly awe-inspiring coastal region.

Bulungula is not what you might expect from a lodge sitting on the “Top Twenty Places to See in South Africa” list but it is certainly something very different.

It has no bell hops or airport transfer bus but it has a mass of open space, fresh air and the ocean. By not having wrecked the environment or exploited the local people, it has a totally green, guilt-free conscience.


Best Vacations in Africa

Why Visit Africa

images (11)If you’re seeking a great and thrilling travel destination but are not sure which part of the world to go, think Africa. This is a highly diverse and enormous continent that’s full of dramatic scenery, numerous fascinating cultures, and extraordinary wildlife and animals.

The African continent is offering the best and most amazing traveling experiences our planet provides.

A lot of people, when they think about vacationing and travelling in Africa will think safaris, but you need to turn to professional organizations who are vastly experiences in organizing top safaris.

Let’s see where you should go to and at what time of the year. How about finding suitable accommodation and transportation? Well, there are some very good Africa Safari Guides that will provides you with every sort of detailed answer. Let’s first see where you should go.…

Education Crisis in Africa

School Yes, Learning No

educationAll across Africa there are some 130 million children that are school-aged, but around 20 million of them will never go to school.

What’s even more frustrating is that almost 40 million more of these children in Africa will go to school, but learn so little that they’re not likely to get into a better position than the kids who did receive no schooling at all.

Consequently, the outlook for social development and economic growth in Africa is, sadly enough, desperate.

This analysis comes from the Brookings Center for Universal Education which developed the new ‘Africa Learning Barometer’ which is based on existing data that were used to create a fundamental learning assessment on the African Continent.

The barometer offers great insights into the state of educational achievements in 28 sub-Saharan African countries. The assessments were …

Making change possible means more collaboration

images-94Some things in life are so special that they deserve a REALLY special setting. Like seeing penguins in their own habitat. HOW AMAZING is that (or to use the word of the week – AWESOME!) Please excuse the capitalization – but this is EXCITING!!!!!!

In among the ordinary and the mundane, the extraordinary and the innovative can flourish. At the end of someone’s back garden at Simonstown, there was the most extraordinary thing to see – penguins in their own environment.

Turn around 180 degrees from looking at the sea and you see the houses.  The gardens. “Normal” life. But this is “normal” for these penguins. Just like the innovative projects seen at the worldwide innovative education forum in Cape Town last week – they are at the end of SOMEONE’s back garden. They are someone else’s “NORMAL”.

But to …

Learn How Tourism Will Help South Africa’s Poor

south-africa-townshipIt was in 1992 that South Africans voted to put an end to the terrible system of “Apartheid”, and in 1996, a governmental commission came up with the idea that touristic developments could and should very well be used to support the social, environmental, and economic goals as laid out by South Africa’s government, and to develop and empower communities that previously were severely neglected.

The entire South African tourism industry has an estimated volume of some US$10 billion annually, which accounts for around 7% of the country’s GDP.

South Africa’s government plan to let the tourism sector help alleviate poverty and develop under-privileged sectors of the South African society has recently received much attention from national and international agencies that are active in the world of tourism and development.…